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  • 4 825,00 €

    Amphion Argon 7LS, Floorstanding loudspeaker with rear loudspeakers. Price for one piece - add quantity 2 for a pair.

    4 825,00 €
  • 916,67 €

    Smallest, but as truthful. When your ear does not want to compromise, but aesthetics or space call for a smallest possible loudspeaker, Argon0 might be the answer. Argon0 is small premium design - the only modest thing about it is it looks Unit price - place 2 in quantity for a pair

    916,67 €
  • 1 166,67 €

    Argon1 is a reference-grade minimonitor. High quality driver integration creates a cohesive and transparent midrange. Argon1 is perfect for small rooms. Pair it with a sub and you have an easy-to-place full-range reference system even for bigger spaces. It is smaller than Argon3, but just as truthful Unit price - place 2 in quantity for a pair

    1 166,67 €
  • 2 083,33 €

    With the Argon3S, we bring to home environment the same technologies which allow sound engineers and artists to “see” deeper into their own music. Now, studio monitoring technologies are within reach of music lovers, who want to hear their favorite music as the artist intended. Unit price - put 2 in quantity for a pair

    2 083,33 €
  • 2 908,33 €

    We believe that the quality of the speakers used for enjoying music in the home should not be any different from professional studio monitors.The Argon3LS possesses all the virtues and qualities of Amphion’s studio monitors such as precise 3D imaging, extreme detail, wide sweet spot and phenomenal musicality. Unit price - put 2 in quantity for a pair

    2 908,33 €
  • 1 040,83 €

    Argon5C has been designed to complement and blend in seamlessly with all Argon products. Argon5C’s wide, even dispersion means it can deliver the sound to larger listening groups. Argon5C helps the listener discover the beauty and power of human voice in a thrilling way.

    1 040,83 €
  • 13 333,33 €

    Krypton3 the highend audio loudspeakers from Amphion

    13 333,33 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items