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Big brother of the remarkable FURUTECH L6. Raced with an impressive bass and a treble "thick" ...this cable needs to be mounted with very good shots to not have a serious drool ... Well associated with, for example, Charlin plugs or the new Furutech NCF FI50, it is revealed as a sublime jewel of musical velvet and refinement.

We assemble it with IEC and SCHUKO Charlin

I particularly appreciate this cable on the sources:

- fabulous on a streamer or feed streamer, like the SOTM sps500, it gives a thick, low medium, a natural luscious with a sensual clipping of all attacks and high-pitched sounds (sublime guitars, violin attacks, cymbals etc ...) We feel a dimension of proximity in the treble so it's sweet. As if the sound was whispering in the ear in a vibratory halo that also invites to another dimension, this time, heavenly almost transcendental! So, you see, this cable inspires poetry, elevation ... (lol!)

- same on the DAC

That said the association, the most fabulous quality / price ratio with very complimentary customer feedback is a connection Furutech IEC 50 rhodium NCF on one side and a Schuko Charlin on the other. It is really on the IEC that we feel all the musicality of the filtering NCF.

Caution: A version of Charlin / Furutech 50 Rhodium NCF is highly emotional.

Customer Chronicle:

Hello Mr. Chaplain, "Here is my analysis of the TCS 31 + Charlin plugs on my system: sublime I find completely your description as well as that of your client. It is very detailed but without the least hardness, nothing to do with the A ... that I still sounds dry in comparison (...) The instruments are perfectly cut out, the bass is anything but drooling, my old listening is in comparison, the game against low is perfectly distinct (it was rough in comparison). The medium is perfectly in place as the rest, rich and unctuous. On classical it brings a magnitude to the listening, as if the place of the recording was more vast .... "


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