Gyraf Gyratec XXII "G22" Dual/Stereo/MS Vari-mu Tube Compressor

Magic d'or compresseur à tube 2015

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The G22 is an elaboration of our old popular G10 - keeping the basic audio path design (if it works, don't fix it!) - but it's control interface has been thoroughly redesigned to allow even more creative use.

First of all, this is now a dual-channel unit - allowing you to use it as two compressors on two different signal sources. 'nuff said.

Second, it's still a fully stereo-linked compressor with all the freedom and ease of control this gives you - flip the "CONTROLS" switch to L/M mode, and now only the left-hand group of knobs are controlling the action.

Third, for material that benefits from the effects of dual individual compressors on stereo, there is a continuously variable stereo link "VARI-LINK" that is activated by the "VARI" setting of the "CONTROLS" switch. This allows for gradual cross-linking between the two compressors, from full link (i.e. Stereo) to none (Dual)

Fourth, the "MODE" switch allows using the G22 in either standard stereo L/R or in M/S mode, where the source signals are matrixed at the input transformers into M and S components - and then later de-matrixed from M/S back into L/R at the output transformers. This allows for different processing on mono and stereo components of the signal, and is a very powerful tool for stereo imagery processing.


Gyraf Audio Gyratec G22 Vari-Mu Tube Compressor Main Features:


  • Dual Channel Vari-mu compressor based on the G10
  • Newly redesigned Control Interface
  • New Vari-Link for cross linking from dual mono to stereo
  • MS Matrix Mode switch


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