SIMPLY ITALY integrated amp

Integrated amp from Union Research. Class A amp with USB ADC in option.

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The Simply Italy integrated amplifier builds on the legendary strengths of the Unison Research Simply Two, one of the most successful integrated amplifier designs in the world. This new integrated amplifier, thanks to more efficient engineering, provides better sound quality as well as better reliability and tube life.

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Output stage: Single-ended, ultralinear, Class-A

Output power: Approx. 12 watts per channel

Output impedance: 6 Ohm

Input impedance: 47kohm / 50 pF

Negative feedback: 5 dB or 1.8 dB

Valve complement: 2 x ECC82 (12AU7) 2 x EL34 (6CA7)

Power consumption: 85 watt

Fuses: T1A from 220V to 240V

Dimensions (mm.): 26 cm x 35 cm x H. 19cm

Net weight: 15kg.

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