CUBE - Découpleur haut de gamme pour cables

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CUBE and TOWER Absorber for Cables  

Next to decoupling of HiFi components and load speakers we are experimenting since long time with damping of cables. So decoupling has been proved as particularly effective in area of load speaker and power cables. The reason for this improvement is obviously. According on electronic components cables does have the problem with microphonic too.



For the absorber corpus we have chosen wood, because it has no electronic effect and additional it damps vibrations because of his airy and amorphous structure.

The selected wood called “Amasaque” comes from maritime regions in Africa. It has a high ratio of air and a relative uniform structure.

The surface of the wood we tread only with natural oil.

Depending on the hardness of the cable we recommend one absorber per 30 to 40cm cable length. The cable mst not touch the floor.


CUBE - Details

The essential improvement comes from the absorbers feet, which are senked 5mm into the floor of the CUBE. The feet consist of the proven two-layer combination of Sorbothane and airy rubber foam

The bearing of the cable is a triangular cutout. So each diameter of cables has the same stable storage.

Additionally in this triangular cutout a granulate of cork-rubber in a special form are mounted. The aim of this form is to achieve an adjustment to the weight of the cables. The weight of the cables does even increase disproportional to his diameter.

Adjustment to the weight is one of the contents of our MLA technique (Multi Layer Adjustment).


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