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My little chronicle:

So far, I have never found a built-in tube at my convenience. After 1 month to be spent on the grill of my evaluations ... it has seduced my ears in what I like, not too colorful, transparent enough to look natural and embark, not too short in the band bandwidth. He just became my friend.

I realize that I am seduced when I can not stop listening to music and I can not wait to listen to new recordings ... a kind of little addiction linked to a bewitching charm that emerges, this little integrated.

Right now, it's Yael Naim - the Baby Bo, Chevalrex - Anti Slogan, Yann Tiersen - All, Howe Gelb - Gathered - Tom Rosenthal - Zsides, Danit - Aliento ... this integrated associated with Dac Aqua La Scala and Harbeth SHL5 + makes me travel ....

The Box made me understand that you can not expect everything from the same electronics ..The Box has its character, bewitching personality, magnetic and if I want something even more defined, nuanced, contrasted, resolved , I take the KINKI Ex M1 ... It is ideal to be able to play with two different integrated who present the music with various talents and one changes according to the mood of the week .... I draw the parallel between these two integrated in appearance the opposite ... the one accommodating, extremely musical, involving knowing extract the essence of the music, the other more spectacular, resolved, in a wide range of emotion.

I sense from this experience that the way of presenting the music generates emotions that do not necessarily have the same tone. There is the emotion contained in the music but there is also the emotion of the media which diffuses the music and the emotion of the present moment related to the music, the diffusion, the play and the listener. It is not only the musical emotion that we are experiencing, but the emotion of that which is there in the present moment. This alchemy is you and the life that created it.

It is a real chance to have these two integrated because they each propose a different trip ... I will never say that one is better than the other ... just both excellent in their respective musicalities and therefore in a different sound experience ... Maatersound The Box, Golden Magic car enhancer and emotion archer !!!!

Integrated Single Ended in "Class A"

Power: 2 x 35 Watt
Tubes complement: 2 x ECC802 - 6 x EL34
Input: 3 line + Phono MM
Load imped.: 4-8 ohm
Bandwidth: 18 hz / 25khz 0 db
Output: 1 line
Output Trasformer: MastersounD
Automatic Bias
Supplied with remote control (optional)
Negative feedback: 0 db
Dimensions: 43,6 x 40,9 x 18,5 cm
Weight: 24 Kg