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FARAD Super3 Power Supply

FARAD Super3 Power Supply - 12V - Black -


Linear Power supply Alimentation with a wide range of output DC voltage. (from 5V to 19V or 20V / 2,2A to 24V / 2,2A) and two type of DC connectors (2,1mm ou 2,5mm) to match your equipment

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1x Farad 12V Noire - câble DC 5.5/2,1mm - 50cm - Version Standard

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The Super3 linear power supply uses EDLC super capacitors. We use an IEC power input and gold plated GX16-4 output connector for flexible cable choice. The best A-brand parts are used inside, like a special custom wound high induction double shielded power transformer, schottky rectifiers, a choke pi-filter power supply buffering, all working towards the first stabilization charging the super capacitor bank to create a dynamic battery alike very clean and stable voltage source. From this source the output voltage is stabilized by a fast transient, low noise regulator and post filtered with ultra-low ESR polymer and reversed shape high voltage ceramic capacitors.

The linear power supply is mounted in an aluminum enclosure on a high quality gold plated PCB with star ground and star power supply configuration. Farad linear power supplies are fully protected against short circuit, over- and under voltage, reversed voltage, over temperature and surge currents.

The Super3 linear power supply is standardly delivered with a good quality quad pole 18 AWG tin plated copper DC power cable of 50cm length terminated with a choice of 5.5/2.1 or 5.5/2.5 mm barrel connector. For an extra upgrade and different lengths we offer our Level 1 or Level 2 DC power cables.

For the Super3 we listened with different fuses and found the Hifi-Tuning Supreme3 and Synergistic Research Orange fuses to be a perfect match for the Farad power supplies. With the Hifi-Tuning Supreme3 the sound gets more open, with more micro-details and more smooth. The SG Orange takes the Super3 supply to an even higher level, making it again more smooth and with even more details. Also we found the Furutech Rhodium AC Inlet a good upgrade. We can install these fuses and inlet for you during the build of the supply if you add them to the package, we take care the right value is installed for you.

If you need another output voltage (range from 5V to 19V or 20V/2.2A to 24V/2.2A) contact us


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