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MASTER - Top of the range

The MASTER Serie is our Top model designed according our MLA-Technology with an very complex layer model (see below).

The 2. Generation now available with screws.  Optional colors are aluminium or black

Suitable for HiFi components and loadspeakers. For tube amplifiers, we recommend our Serie 4TUBE.

The different and high efficient absorber materials eliminates in each case varying disturbance frequencies. Because of the cumulation of different filtering frequencies this absorbers has an much higher effenciency compared to absorbers composed of one material.

The result:  The sound is more relaxed, spacial and natural

For optimum adjustment to the weight of the device we offer 5 variants; partially in two different height.
The height has no effect to the sound improvement.

Optional colors are aluminium or black.

The complex layer model  
from top to - down

  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Massive Aluminium as separator
  • Cork Rubber mixture
  • Sorbothane
  • Natural rubber

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