A. Charlin Analogique Bleu RCA MKII - 1M

A. Charlin Analog Blue RCA MKII

RCA Analog cable

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BLUE 1100 Edition

Analogue asymmetrical and asynchronous cable, similar in its manufacture and its drawing to the BLACK 1000 Edition. The difference comes from its superior dielectric with a carbon screen in addition to the two inverted spirals in copper wire. Its conductor body is made of multi-stranded OFC copper and with a section larger than the BLACK 1000 Edition. The lockable RCA/RCA plugs are made of 24K Gold and insulated in a carbon body. Technically the electrical signal has been optimized. At listening, the coherence of timbres and harmonics is similar to the reality, allowing to hear the integrality of the silences between the notes.

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